Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Possibilities of monetize a website | New Way For Traffic

As I have written a title for this article is possibilities of monitise a website,  I am going to tell about how to monetize a website.  there are lots there are lots of websites on blog they got a value of traffic but they do not monetized a website satisfactorily as they receive such a big traffic on their website. There is a big reason for this that I will tell you in my this article.

 you have got lots of traffic in your website but you have not  so much earn money  because of because of your audience if your audience clicks on your adverts that will generates revenue you will be earn money.

Review of Websites | New Way for Traffic

I have launched a website that will post reviews of your website through which your website receive high value of traffic that will monetize your website or blog easily. There are lots of ways through which you can increase traffic in your website or blog but for this you need to pay fees in other ways you have to pay for visitors, sometimes they are not sufficient to monetize your website or blog as the visitors come from other paid sources not target the real audience. Here real audience means the visitors that will be your faith audience.

 The benefits of real audience:
Firstly :  the real audience will be always helpful to monetize your website or blog as real audience always visit your website or blog this is a good source of traffic.  They will keep visiting on your website and always suggest to their family and friends.  In this way there will be continuously increase traffic in your website.
Secondly :  Whatever you sell on your website Or suggest anything on your website the real audience will be follow it.

How we can get real audience:
 There is the only one way to get Real audience for your website or blog  through review of your website.  It is the new concept for increase traffic on your website.

If you want to increase your web traffic through review. Mail me complete description of your website with photos and I will posted in my website.

My mail address is Riya.drsharma@gmail.com